Qatar National Day, or Founder’s Day, is celebrated on December 18th and commemorates Sheikh Jassem as the founder of Qatar. This day is a time for Qatari citizens to celebrate their country’s rebirth. Qatar has long been known as a powerful nation known for commercial activity. Qatar National Day celebrates such history and those who have worked tirelessly towards making it what it is now. The country has kept its traditions and history alive over time, making this celebration worth celebrating.

History of Qatar National Day

Qatar had started to develop into an important settlement in the eighteenth century. Following periods of control from various local regions, including agreements with the British, the Ottoman Empire arrived in 1871 at the request of the Emir.

On December 18th 1878, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, succeeded his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani, as ruler of Qatar, becoming its first Emir in a lineage that continues to this day.

Ruling Qatar until his death in 1913, Sultan Jassim is revered in Qatar as ‘The Founder’ as under his rule he unified the tribes of the peninsula marking the creation of the modern state of Qatar. His leadership, both political and militarily, defined Qatar’s status a nation in the view of the two key powers in the region at that time – the Ottomans and the British.

During the first world war, the Ottoman Empire was falling apart as a result of losing a series of key battles. Qatar took part in the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire, forcing the Ottomans from Doha in 1915.

In 1916 Qatar became a British protectorate. Qatar gained independence from the United Kingdom and became an independent sovereign state on September 3rd 1971. September 3rd was originally celebrated as Qatar’s National Day.

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